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Is That a Nepali company?

Yes, through and through, we are Nepali. All our products, even the one you see in international market are designed here in Nepal by our designer. That is why we proudly label our products as ‘designed in Nepal’.


Is That a design studio or a lifestyle brand?

Hmmm, we are both, we can help you find amazing products, and help you with designing as well as marketing too.


Do you have home delivery service?

Yes, we do! Finally!!! And, all over Nepal!! Yippee!!


When will our product reach us?

Hmmm, it will take up-to 4 business days, for your orders to reach you, so we suggest avoiding last minute spurs!!

Or, you can chose for 1-Business-Day delivery, though little heavier on your pocket, will definitely help you get your stuff on time!!


Do you take cash on delivery?

Yes, there is COD service for orders inside valley!
However, for the ones outside valley, you have to make the payments first, via Khalti or E-Sewa before we ship it to you!

You can also pay us by Esewa and Khalti.


Do you design logo?

Oh yes we do! In fact we are really good at it. You can read the testimonials if you don’t believe us.

And, apart from logo, we also dabble in:

  • Menu Design
  • Interiors
  • Brand Identity
  • Event Branding
  • Packaging

Also, we can help you with social media posts, and marketing ideas. We are pretty good at it!


Do you customize?

We only do customizations for bulk orders – especially corporate and office needs, events, and anywhere that would see a gathering.

However, we do art commissions if you really want it and it starts from $50.


Can you explain your pricing?

Well, our prices are competitively priced. Do one thing, read the following line in single breath: Also, there is a lot of effort that goes into making the products as they are – from designing till late night, to quality checking of sample, checking every product, packing them and sending it to Kathmandu, then repacking, re-checking, waiting and waiting for your orders, writing 100 times in comments the cost despite having written in the post because you don’t read, getting your orders, packing them up and waiting for delivery guy. Getting it delivered and paid, and realizing designing cost is still not cover. This all takes effort.

Like you can’t even read it in single breath, and imagine you expecting to do all that in person for free almost.

So, our price tries and include all that without being heavier to your pockets. THAT is why prices are FIXED!!!

BTW, more you order, more we can slash the price, so KEEP ORDERING!!! 😀


Who is your crush?

Errrm. Awkwarrrrd. Laters!!!


Still think you have more questions?

Write us – [email protected] with subject that says-queries.