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Nice to Meet Ya!!!

Who Are We, You Ask?

We Are ‘That!’

 Witty. Chic. Sophisticated. Original

Okay!! We are Known as ‘that! By Studio Sarcastic’.
An Art Stuido Here in Kathmandu That is Owned by a crazy cat Lady – Sneha

That Specializes in witty humor-filled lifestyle Products as well as designs that adding their own splash of refreshingly original artistic twist which makes them down-right relatable

From Logos to Bookmarks, Tee and Cushions
Your Can’t Live Without, We Have Answer to All Your Whims and Quirky Callings with a Distinct Touch of Local Flavour!

Not Exactly Bragging Here, But We Can Seriously Conjure Some Really Good Magic When it Comes to Design.

Aaannd, We Love to Say that we create some serious ‘Happiness’ and Induce Some real Laughter With Our Products Which Otherwise Would Have been Boring.

Since we are really good at creating and writing our own content, you can say we are ‘pro’ at “the originality game!!”

Some of Our Work




Brand Identity


Social Media


Characters and Comics





Also, We Can Help You With

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And Any Design Dilemmas You Can Think Of, Along With Customized Commission!!!

People Behind ‘That!’


Founder, Wizard of Light-Bulb Moments, and a crazy cat person!

Sneha is the brain behind each content and illustration you see that is done for THAT!

She has over 7 years of experience in creative, content and marketing, and has worked for brands like Vespa, Aprilia, HTC, Unilever, Morris Garages, Renault, Tata, Manforce Condoms, among many. She has extensively worked for content creation in social media, as well as ATL and BTL mediums.

Currently, apart from That, she is working as an idea overlord (i.e consultant) for a milkshake brand, as well as a cafe, for their marketing, contents, branding and interior.

This curly haired soul holds all her ideas in her curls, and is fluent sarcasm speaker.

You can also find out more about Sneha @›Ea14/



Co-founder (Kathmandu), and Master of Misc. Stuff

Usha is the voice of reason behind chaos and brings over 20 years of experience,  in organisations like UN, to the team. She is our in-house stockist, finance as well as logistics expert, and, leads our boutique section here in Kathmandu.



Co-founder (Delhi) and Chief of First Impressions

Shiwangi brings the illustrations to life by giving shape to products. She also leads the team when it comes to international customer relations, and is the very core of our production unit.

We have no idea how she does all that without breaking a sweat. So, we secretly believe she has superpowers!



Franchiser (Orissa) and INTERNATIONAL NINJA

This lady wears many feathers on her cap, owns an amazing content and advertisement agency back at Bhuwaneshwor herself, and has keen eyes for creativity. Orissa is the youngest and fastest growing arm of That, and credit goes to this superwoman alone.